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Focusing Nozzles

Focusing nozzles are a key factor in achieving excellent water jet cutting results.

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Rhino Boards made of plastic are in no way inferior to aluminum or stainless steel panels.

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Durable, robust water jet cutting machines that are easy to operate and maintain

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We offer you the right spare parts for your waterjet cutting system.

GT Machine Components

As a competent partner in water jet cutting , since 2011 we offer you high quality components for high pressure pumps and cutting heads. Founded by Giuseppe Tricolore, who brings nearly 20 years of industry experience, the company excels in outstanding flexibility, fast response times and a wide assortment.

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Reliable quality and short
delivery times are among our
strengths and lead to a reduction
of your production costs.

Spare Parts

Look forward to spare parts from the USA – the country of origin of waterjet cutting. Unmatched competence and almost five decades of experience lead to a quality that is second to none anywhere in the world.

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We offer a fair price-performance ratio and short delivery times – you are welcome to visit our webshop with technical descriptions and information on prices and availability.

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